Programmers crack Apple's iTunes again

A group of US and Norwegian programmers claim they have again bypassed Apple's anti-piracy controls in its iTunes music...

A group of US and Norwegian programmers claim they have again bypassed Apple's anti-piracy controls in its iTunes music downloading technology.

The programmers said that the new code in their PyMusique downloading interface cracks Apple's digital rights management software when downloading iTunes.

News of the modified PyMusique comes days after Apple announced it had changed its downloading systems to block the use of PyMusique to download music free of anti-piracy controls.

The programmers said the new PyMusique software again allows Linux users to legitimately enter the Apple site and buy iTunes, but then strips out the blocks that restrict those tunes' use.

The latest version of PyMusique can only be used by Linux users which means that the potential for breaches of Apple's anti-piracy controls is now greatly limited.

Apple has so far not responded to the programmers' latest move. It's original response meant that a large number of iTunes users were forced to upgrade their downloading software to the latest version.

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