Corpora readies assault on information overload

Corpora has launched Jump! to tackle what it calls the assault of information overload and to simplify working life by enabling...

Corpora has launched Jump! to tackle what it calls the assault of information overload and to simplify working life by enabling users to interrogate large electronic documents for relevant details.

The new system "speed-reads" material to create a map of contents that accelerates understanding and improves efficiency.

It is targeted at anyone tasked with analysing and precising cumbersome reports to publishers and media agencies working to tight deadlines. The system aims to increase accuracy and productivity. 

Jump! uses Natural Language Processing to build a map of the information contained within big text documents. 

The software references key terms (the nouns), and the context in which they appear (the verbs) as it finds them. This blueprint enables the user to locate the people, places and companies mentioned, for example - and the events with which they are connected. Jump! also understands to whom pronouns (he, she, it, etc) refer.

Mark Thompson, cheif executive officer of Corpora, said, "In today’s world of over flowing inboxes and countless websites, it is all too easy for the sheer volume of data to overwhelm the user… those overwhelmed with unstructured text information will be able to interrogate it according to their own personal requirements, thereby bringing about increased reading speeds, intelligent focus and a real competitive edge."

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