Tif celebrates 10 years of squeezing value from IT

User self-help group The Corporate IT Forum (Tif) this year celebrates its 10th anniversary with a major conference on 22 June....

User self-help group The Corporate IT Forum (Tif) this year celebrates its 10th anniversary with a major conference on 22 June. The thrust of the conference, as with many of Tif's events this year, will be how to get value for money from IT, and how to get the value of IT to the business.

Tif's events often take place at member sites, and the themes they tackle revolve around interdependencies such as compliance, governance, risk, business processes and security, with business process optimisation and business intelligence never too far away.

This year, Tif is holding a series of presentations on legislation-related topics, and it is extending its programme by working with suppliers to enhance supplier-user understanding.

Since it started in 1995 as an offshoot from Sainsbury's IT infrastructure department, Tif has broadened its focus from infrastructure and technologies to tackling the strategic issues facing senior IT management.

What is The Corporate IT Forum?

The Corporate IT Forum (Tif) is a subscription-based corporate IT user group whose members include more than 140 IT departments from Europe's largest organisations - about 50% are in the FTSE 250. The organisation calculates its members have an annual ITspend of more than £20bn. The group's chairman is Denise Plumpton, who last month became the Highways Agency's first director of information.


Forthcoming Tif seminars     


16 London, Cross-border security and legislation 

16 London, The Freedom of Information Act 

23 British Airways, Heathrow, Key factors in choosing the right project 

24 GlaxoSmithKline, Herts, RFID: outside of the box   


1 Wokingham, Supplier management and outsourcing 

9 Alliance & Leicester, Leicester, ITIL service desk 

16 Berkhamsted, Developing a datawarehouse and exploiting its data 

17 BAA, Heathrow, Curious about cost saving?   


21 London, IT relationships forum 

22 London, Changing times, changing the business  10th annual conference


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