Business broadband adoption up to 77%

More than three-quarters of companies are now using broadband, and more than a third say radio frequency identification...

More than three-quarters of companies are now using broadband, and more than a third say radio frequency identification technology is important to their business strategy.

These take-up levels are reported in the Communications Management Association's annual membership survey, published today (8 February) at its annual conference in London.

A CMA spokesman said, "Last year 77% of companies were using broadband, which is roughly what we predicted in 2001."

Newer technologies are also experiencing relatively high support and take-up, according to the CMA 2005 membership survey.

Although only a small number of retailers have adopted RFID tags and associated technology, 35% of CMA members said that RFID was "important for our business strategy".

RFID is particularly useful for supply chain systems as it allows organisations to track materials and finished goods from the warehouse to the end customer.

The adoption of voice over IP is also experiencing high take-up, said the CMA, with 42% of companies using it to cut their communications costs and deliver new phone features to users.

VoIP allows companies to bypass the public switched telephone network and support packetised IP calls to enable free or cheaper calls.

A further 15% are "planning VoIP implementations within 12 months", said the survey report, and a further 28% are evaluating the technology.

Not all new communications technologies are so popular though. The survey revealed that 41% of companies feel that instant messaging technology poses a security risk to their companies.

Already some companies do not allow their staff to access instant messaging programs from the likes of MSN, Yahoo and AOL in the workplace. Such "peer-to-peer" systems could potentially be used to spread viruses and malware.

The CMA has more than 2,000 members who spend a combined total of over £11bn on IT a year.

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