Microsoft sets up government security programme

Microsoft is planning to governments handle internet security threats through the new Microsoft Security Co-operation Programme...

Microsoft is hoping to help governments handle internet security threats more effectively through a new Microsoft Security Co-operation Programme (SCP).

Microsoft said the initiative would "provide a structured way for governments and Microsoft to engage in co-operative security activities in the areas of computer incident response and attack mitigation".

The initiative which was revealed at this week’s Microsoft Government Leaders Forum in Prague aims to help governments address "threats to national security, economic strength and public safety more efficiently and effectively through co-operative projects and information sharing", said Microsoft.

So far the SCP is being backed by the Canadian, Chilean, Norwegian and US governments.

The programme aims to provide governments with:

  • Information about upcoming and released software updates to facilitate resource planning and deployment
  • Security incident metrics
  • Incident information in the event of a critical incident or emergency
  • Information on Microsoft product security, Microsoft's approach to security, and its incident response process

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