BFSI companies attract 85% of phishing attacks -- and other news briefs

Short takes on this week's news

Banks see number of phishing attacks soar

Banks and financial services companies are bearing the brunt of online phishing attempts, attracting 85% of attacks, research by industry body the Anti-Phishing Working Group has revealed. In December the number of attacks topped 9,000, up from 2,600 in July. The number of phishing websites rose by 10% from November to December, reaching 1,700.

Microsoft bundles more security with Exchange

Microsoft is to bundle several additional security features into the next version of its Exchange messaging server. Exchange Service Pack 2 will incorporate features which were previously part of Microsoft's separate Exchange Edge Services development programme. When SP2 comes out in the second half of this year, an anti-spam and a sender authentication program will be incorporated into the release, along with other security modifications.

Valentines Day release for Red Hat Linux

Red Hat is expected to release the next version of the its Linux operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, to coincide with the LinuxWorld trade show in Boston on 14 February. It will be the first major Enterprise Linux release since September 2003, and will be the first version based on the Linux 2.6 kernel. New features will include larger databases and enhanced security.

Europcar renews Unisys outsourcing mega deal

Car hire firm Europcar has awarded existing supplier Unisys a new five-year, multimillion-pound distributed IT outsourcing contract. In an expanded programme Unisys will provide installation, management and support services for PCs, mobile systems, printers and other components of Europcar's IT infrastructure. The agreement covers Europcar's seven head offices and 1,500 agencies across Europe.

NetSuite sets out to woo Salesforce users

NetSuite is offering existing and new users of rival's enterprise software an alternative which it claims is 50% cheaper. The offer covers on-demand sales, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems. The company pledged to "beat any subscription estimate provided by by half".

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