Nokia extends Lifeblog capablities

Nokia has introduced Nokia Lifeblog 1.5.

Nokia has introduced Nokia Lifeblog 1.5.

Nokia Lifeblog is a mobile phone and PC application that keeps an organised multimedia diary of the items collected with a mobile phone.

In addition to new mobile and PC-related features, Lifeblog 1.5 will enable personal mobile multimedia blogging. 

"When you go to all your holiday festivities with family and friends, you will write many happy holiday messages, capture great photos, and shoot exciting videos," said Christian Lindholm, director, multimedia applications at Nokia Ventures Organization.

"With Nokia Lifeblog, your phone does the work of collecting your fun times, as Lifeblog automatically does the work of putting it all in chronological order," he said. 

Files can then be shared online via a blog or e-mail, either from a phone or PC.

In addition to the blogging capability, Nokia Lifeblog 1.5 comes with some usability additions, including the ability to back-up to CD or DVD, a full screen item view, and enhanced sharing on the mobile.

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