WebtraffIQ releases Christmas and new year checklist

Web analytics supplier WebtraffIQ has released a Christmas and new year checklist for website owners.

Web analytics supplier WebtraffIQ has released a Christmas and new year checklist for website owners.  

The guide entitled Preparing for Christmas and Beyond serves as a wake up call for businesses in making sure that they are ready for the Christmas rush, and they are geared up for the new year, in order to start the year on the best footing.

Marcos Richardson, European director at WebtraffIQ said, “Christmas and new year are especially busy and are crucial times for businesses. Creating and maintaining an online presence is critical to healthy seasonal activity and performance not only for sales, but also for an organisations’ brand.”

Steps businesses should take include: having the right supplies in administration, logistics and products for the possibility of increased Christmas demand; using the correct tools and services to allow the forecasting and benchmarking for seasonal trends; preparing ahead of time for a smooth start to the New Year; ensuring that their websites are running 24/7 and tapping into new technology that informs business owners if their site goes down.

“Business owners at the very least should know more about online audiences and how it affects their business on a day-to-day basis, from this point onwards. They have to make their budgets work harder during a competitive time of the year, and web analytics is the business tool of today that will enable this,” said Richardson.

The guide can be found at either http://tinyurl.com/66epb or http://tinyurl.com/4smeq.

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