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More than 60 European open source service providers are uniting to form the Open Source Consortium - an independent reference...

More than 60 European open source service providers are uniting to form the Open Source Consortium - an independent reference point to give an unbiased "proprietary-vendor free" voice for all organisations deploying or contemplating the open-source alternative.

The consortium was borne out of a fusion of the open-source movement and prime-mover demand from areas such as the public sector aims to bring impartial clarity to the debate.

Speakers at the consortium’s launch event at the NCC included Mark Taylor, OSC executive director; John H Terpstra, co-founder of the Samba Team and founder of the Open Standards Alliance; Bob Griffith, international secretary Socitim and Graham Taylor, programme director, OpenForum Europe.

“The open-source Movement is fast achieving definition as it evolves from the nascent fervour of its protagonists into a credible corporate alternative. That definition requires an independent voice," said OSC executive director, Mark Taylor.

“We are minded to question, then, whether proprietary vendors can be entrusted with the future of open-source deployment across Europe. With this in mind we aim to liaise with the UK and EU authorities on establishing clear guidelines to safeguard the ascendance of this exciting new alternative.”

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