Migration to VB.net slow, says study from Evans Data -- and other news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Learning curve puts off migration to VB.net

Visual Basic developers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are not rushing to adopt Microsoft's next-generation toolset, VB.net, according to a study from Evans Data. Almost half of all EMEA developers who use VB6 or earlier have not migrated, they found. The study cited a steep learning curve between VB.net and earlier versions of VB as a reason for the slow uptake.

Commercial BPEL engine from Oracle

Oracle last week demonstrated one of the first commercially available Business Process Execution Language engines for the Windows platform. The software is designed to execute and manage business processes and to help organisations respond to changing business requirements. The Oracle BPEL Process Manager is a key part of Oracle's service oriented architecture. The Process Manager adheres to open standards, can be deployed on any J2EE compatible server and operates with the .net environment.

PeopleSoft kit creates training courses

PeopleSoft has introduced a service called User Productivity Kit Express to provide specialised training and workshops. User Productivity Kit is a multi-language content and development tool for creating customised business process documentation, web-based training courses, classroom materials and application test scripts.

Code analysis tool is added to Xpediter

Compuware has added a code analysis tool to the new version of Xpediter, its software development environment for building and supporting legacy applications. The Program Analyzer is a new tool which Compuware says can help developers to understand enterprise applications. The company is also introducing new versions of its Xpediter/Cics and Xpediter/Code Coverage modules.

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