Spam and virus shields beefed up

Enterprises seeking relief from spam and viruses got more help this week as several IT suppliers rolled out tools and services to...

Enterprises seeking relief from spam and viruses got more help this week as several IT suppliers rolled out tools and services to thwart attacks via e-mail.

Version 3.5 of MailFrontier Gateway comes with new Time Zero technology to block viruses when they first hit the network. The product also fights spam and phishing.

MailFrontier senior director Gleb Budman said a big challenge was the gap between a virus breaking out (time zero) and a signature becoming available to block it  - a delay of anything between four and 24 hours.

"Once in place the signatures work well, but the problem is that enterprises are open and unprotected during that whole stretch," said Budman.

Time Zero technology uses a combination of predictive techniques, tapping statistics and heuristics to identify suspicious attachments; responsive efforts to block suspicious e-mails; and a set of virus signatures from partners McAfee and Kaspersky Labs. Another partner, Avinti, offers additional antivirus protection with a virtual machine technology.

Version 3.5 of MailFrontier offers enhanced core anti-spam functionality with Sender ID support and MailFrontier Reputation, which evaluate messages for spam content. The Bayesian fraud filter has also been bolstered to improve accuracy against phishing e-mails. 

Meanwhile, IronPort Systems has updated its anti-spam Reputation Filters to allow ISPs to stop spam originating in their networks. The second generation of Reputation Filters combines IronPort's rate limiting capability with real-time analysis of global e-mail traffic patterns. They allow ISPs to identify, limit and block computer "zombies" that are sending spam.

Symantec and MX Logic have also teamed up to create a managed e-mail security service to secure messages at the network perimeter and detect spam. The service will integrate Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam 6.0 with the MX Logic Email Defense Service.

Brightmail AntiSpam 6.0 fights spam with statistical filtering, reputation analysis, heuristics, URL filters and a network of spam traps. MX Logic's Stacked Classification Framework can detect and block spam and lower false positives with an end-user quarantine system.

The combined offering, the MX Logic Email Defense Service with Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam 6.0, is available in two packages: MX Critical Defense and MX Ultimate Defense. Both include e-mail attack protection, fraud protection, content and attachment filtering, virus scanning, inbound message filtering and threat quarantine. MX Ultimate also includes outbound message filtering and the MX Logic FailSafe Disaster Recovery Service.

Cathleen Moore writes for InfoWorld

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