eXo fixes portal to ObjectWeb

Open-source infrastructure consortium ObjectWeb announced yesterday that eXo Platform has joined the group and will have its...

Open-source infrastructure consortium ObjectWeb announced yesterday that eXo Platform has joined the group, which will host its Enterprise Portal Solution. 

Both ObjectWeb and eXo officials hope that Enterprise Portal Solution, which offers users a single point of access to information systems and other resources, will strengthen the open-source alternative to proprietary portal suites such as WebSphere and WebLogic. 

"Not only can we offer a complete portal code base, but the code base also allows ObjectWeb to cover all the technology needed to supply a true alternative to proprietary products," said Benjamin Mestrallet, chief executive of eXo Platform. 

The addition of eXo gives ObjectWeb a web application suite layer that complements its existing middleware components, which include the J2EE-compliant Jonas application server. 

ObjectWeb executives say that eXo's Enterprise Portal Solution delivers a handful of new capabilities made possible largely through the Java Server Pages, a relatively new web framework standard. One such feature is the ability to dynamically create any page layout. 

Enterprise Portal Solution was one of the first products to implement the portlet API, known as JSR 168, and received certification from Sun last year. The next step is to implement the JSR 170 Java content repository, due by the second quarter of 2005. JSR 170 will supply one of the first certified content management systems that will rely on that new industry specification. 

The full source code of the eXo Platform is available for download from ObjectWeb's website under GPL terms, so the code can be embedded, modified and redistributed freely. 

More information about the consortium can be found at http://www.objectweb.com.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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