Tariam broadband takes off

Satellite broadband provider Tariam claims it is the first UK satellite ISP to offer an unlimited data model for all its...

Satellite broadband provider Tariam claims it is the first UK satellite ISP to offer an unlimited data model for all its satellite broadband services.

Due to the high costs of satellite space segments, most European satellite ISPs impose restrictions on the amount of data customers can upload and download at high speed.

In the past, medium to heavy users of satellite based systems may have seen their connections slowed for parts of the month as a result of reaching data limits, something businesses of any size obviously do not want to put up with.

“This is a significant step in closing the perceived gap that exists in some peoples’ minds between the value you get from a satellite based system and what you get with business ADSL,” said a Tariam spokesman.

Tariam is moving to the unlimited data model on all its products, including its 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up connections.”

Tariam is now targeting business broadband customers who can often only get broadband lines that offer a maximum download speed of 500kbps. The satellite option is also useful for SMEs in rural areas that do not have any broadband coverage.

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