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Red Hat warns of bogus security e-mail

Red Hat has warned users about a security notification message which attempts to trick users into downloading and executing a rogue program. The e-mail claims that an exploit could enable an attacker to execute arbitrary code with root privileges. The e-mail, which appears to come from Red Hat, urges users to install a patch called fileutils-1.0.6.

Analyse the service performance of IT

Compuware has introduced a service assurance product designed to help IT departments be more effective in delivering reliable service to business users. This version of its Vantage product includes predictive analysis and performance assessment functions. IT departments could then assess the impact of application and infrastructure projects to reduce deployment risks and assure predictable service levels.

Java users get early access to Net Beans

Sun Microsystems has rolled out an early access version of Net Beans IDE 4.1 which includes support for Enterprise Edition 1.4 with Enterprise Java Beans and web services. The early release has 15 new modules for creating J2EE 1.4-compatible applications. The software also includes a free copy of Sun System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 beta.

SAP to help check out sourcing alternatives

SAP has started shipping a hosted platform for supplier relationship management based on MySAP SRM. The service aims to help businesses evaluate the benefits of sourcing and supply management.

Power-saving displays extend battery life

Just over 10% of notebook PCs sold now incorporate power-saving technology for displays, said the Mobile PC Extended Battery Life Working Group. The average display panel power has dropped from 4.5W to 3W or less, providing an extra 60 minutes of battery life, the group said.

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