Next Move: How can I move into a management role?

I have worked in IT support for the past seven years. I have progressed through various technologies, starting with hardware...

I have worked in IT support for the past seven years. I have progressed through various technologies, starting with hardware support and moving on to software and applications support. However, I feel my real talent lies in my customer-facing skills and I would like to move into a support management or project management role. What qualifications will I need?

Look for Prince2 or ITIL training courses

Taking your first steps into management can be a leap into the unknown, but with the right training and methodology behind you, it will make the transition a lot easier.

Two courses I would recommend are Prince2 and/or the ITIL foundation course, predominantly because they are the most practised methodologies in project and support management. You can find plenty of information about these on the internet and recommendations on finding the right training company.

More and more companies are using ITIL to structure how IT support is delivered and are training their staff in its principles to improve the service given to the end-users.

Being qualified in either ITIL or Prince2 will add considerable weight to your CV and will show employers that you have invested in progressing your career and have the vocational experience to back up your applications.

Your next step should be to look for team-leading roles to bridge the gap of not having this kind of experience.

You should also do plenty of research into project and support management to discover which is right for you before committing to a specific training course.

Solution by Robert Nunn, senior account manager at Plan-Net Services

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