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You may wonder why the computer industry may be interested in internet protocol (IP) and IP networks. Let's face it, there is...

You may wonder why the computer industry may be interested in internet protocol (IP) and IP networks. Let's face it, there is hardly anything new about IP: everyone knows that IP is a standards-based platform that supports the transport of data across the internet.

Yet IP is becoming extremely interesting because it has evolved into a standards-based platform that supports the transport not only of data but also voice and video applications across a single unified network infrastructure. And this platform can be constructed, operated and maintained extremely cost-effectively.

No longer will you be forced into basing your IT and communications set-up on the traditional method of separate circuits for each set of applications (such as voice and data). For companies like yours, a converged, single IP infrastructure will very likely make more sense.

Put simply, IP and IP networks streamline your communication and information needs. IP provides you with an opportunity to develop the flexibility to enhance your communications and gain access to information where and when you need it in the most accessible way. By basing your IT and communications functions on IP, you will be able to manage more effectively the services you require to do your jobs and do them better.

This supplement will aim to show you how to achieve the latter ambitions. We will look at how companies like yours successfully and profitably use IP networks as the heart of an IT and communications technology (ICT) strategy. We will examine the fundamental deliverables of IP networks and how you can use IP networks to leverage economies, in addition to taking advantage of sophisticated features.

We'll advise you on the types of people from whom will you be buying the essential technology and about what buying strategies you should adopt. The importance of how you can assess the true costs of IP networks and how to get the optimum return on your investment will also be covered.

We will see how you can put together a strategy for business continuity over IP that suits your company and also how to introduce mobile IP technology in a controlled and cost-effective manner, based principally on business benefits. Additionally, we'll explain the IP security products and methodologies that you can use to protect your business from attack.

The fundamental message will be that IP is the key to exploiting the broadband services that could allow you to transform your company and level the playing field when competing with both larger companies and your peers.

The end result is that with IP for your IT and communications needs, your business will be more adaptable and flexible in the face of market and economic pressures, and ultimately more competitive. We aim to give you the knowledge about how to harness the power of IP to better run your company.

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