IBM targets the medium-sized business

IBM has rolled out two lower-priced Unix-based servers that will compete with offerings from Sun and Hewlett-Packard.

IBM has rolled out two lower-priced Unix-based servers that will compete with offerings from Sun and Hewlett-Packard.
Powered by IBM's Power5 processor, the two-way eServer p5-520 and p5-550 come bundled with advanced security and a variety of integration software that is intended to allow smaller, underfunded IT shops to more easily consolidate multiple servers, applications, and operating systems on to a single server.

"We are trying to provide midmarket users with something we don't think they have had before, namely the flexibility to grow their businesses without significantly taxing their smaller IT staffs and budgets," said Karl Freund, vice-president of product marketing for the systems and technology group at IBM.

IBM has also unveiled the IBM Express Security Solution for eServer, as well as expanded Power5 resources for software suppliers. The new services and resources will be available through the IBM Virtualization Innovation Center for hardware and the IBM Virtual Loaner Program.

Again, the new offerings are aimed at enticing medium sized businesses that want to consolidate and migrate applications and to integrate system resources to create more efficient IT operations, an IBM representative said.

The IBM Security Express Solution for eServer, which is based on open source code, is designed to offer security and intrusion protection and collaboration to organisations that want to establish links for such end-to-end solutions but that do not have the human or financial resources to do it on their own. It includes a VPN, mail gateway, virus scanning, spam filtering, and internal and external firewalls.

IBM said both products will be positioned to be used for scalable database servers, as well as for ERP, CRM, and departmental or regional e-commerce applications in industries such as retail, banking, and financial services.

IBM this week will also unwrap its Customer Value Paks for the p5-520 and p5-550, which are intended to help smaller shops to more quickly configure the systems.

Ed Scannell writes for InfoWorld

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