Hitachi introduces new notebook drives

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies will bring up to 100Gbyte, 2.5-inch hard drives for notebook computers to market by the end...

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies will bring up to 100Gbyte, 2.5in hard drives for notebook computers to market by the end of 2004.

The Travelstar 5K100 and E5K100 hard drives spin at 5400rpm, are 9.5mm high, and consume relatively little power, Hitachi said. Both offer parallel ATA and serial ATA support, the company said.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is aiming more of its small-diameter hard disc production at consumer electronics applications and believes that increasing numbers of consumers who are considering buying notebook computers want to have more than 40Gbytes of storage.

The company believes the consumer electronics portion of the market was about 10% in 2004. The company expects this share to grow to about 15% in 2003 and about half the entire hard-disc market in 2007.

Paul Kallender writes for IDG News Service

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