E-commerce turnover doubles for chemical giant after portal opens

BASF has more than doubled its e-commerce turnover.

BASF has more than doubled its e-commerce turnover.

The chemicals giant posted e-commerce sales of £1.79bn in the first half of 2004, a 70% increase on the same period a year earlier.

For this year in full, BASF aims to achieve 20% of its annual sales via e-commerce.

The company's e-commerce operations centre on its global portal WorldAccount, and Elemica, an online trading platform.

WorldAccount allows customers to order online and enquire about products, invoices and orders. It contains 40 catalogues with more than 15,000 BASF products.

BASF developed the platform over two years. It is located in two separate datacentres.

WorldAccount works with Elemica and connects more than 160 of BASF's partners.

Elemica acts as an independent company and handles order management electronically within the trading network.

Elemica has two parts: a wholly automated version that deals with orders, order confirmation and invoicing; and a part-automated version, which handles business between the customer and BASF.

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