Mobile PeopleSoft gets in step with auto sync

PeopleSoft has signed a deal to incorporate Intellisync's data synchronisation technology in its Enterprise and EnterpriseOne...

PeopleSoft has signed a deal to incorporate Intellisync's data synchronisation technology in its Enterprise and EnterpriseOne software so that mobile users can update data wirelessly and work offline.

The data sync engine will automatically synchronise with PeopleSoft's customer, HR and financial applications wirelessly.

Tom Schmidt, product strategy director at PeopleSoft, said, "A user would access the application just as they do today without worrying about whether the data was synched with the server or not because it would be handled automatically for them behind the scenes, whether the application was open or not."  

Following synchronisation, users can work in the application while disconnected from the network, resynchronising once a wireless or wired connection becomes available. 

PeopleSoft mobile tools product manager Benjamin Wesson said the company's own mobile synchronisation solution for remote workers was lightweight and required user initiation. "The Intellisync solution offers the full suite of functionality experience on the connected client," he said.

According to Gerry Purdy of MobileTrax, the days of the major enterprise software suppliers trying to build their own mobile platform are numbered because the mobile market is expanding far beyond their capability. 

"They need to partner with people who have the more robust engineering solutions that fit with thousands of devices and work throughout the entire infrastructure," he said. 

The Intellisync system also monitors bandwidth to prevent updates if access is too slow or to allocate a chunk of bandwidth for an update. 

Intellisync's data sync engine works with handheld as well as portable devices, but the PeopleSoft mobile application solution is currently available only on notebooks and tablets.  

"We are in the process of building out our handheld application," said Wesson.

PeopleSoft has not yet announced availability.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld

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