AstraZeneca doses up on PDFs

Global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will roll out Adobe Acrobat software to standardise its internal and external...

Global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will roll out Acrobat software to standardise its internal and external communications and help meet regulatory requirements for storing data.

AstraZeneca said it would be buying 50,000 software licences of Adobe Acrobat, initially for its UK, US and Swedish operations to track amendments to data from drug trials and to store data in line with legislation.

Eventually, staff in 108 countries will be able to create, share, review and archive files in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

The PDF documents will be accessed via AstraZeneca’s existing system to manage documents from Documentum. The company said using Acrobat would give it smoother external communications with regulatory agencies, suppliers and distributors.

Thomas Ehrnstrohm, director of global IS strategy said, "Acrobat enables simultaneous, shared access to files and will make it far easier for the company to track documents as they progress through the lengthy regulatory review process.

"With most new drugs subject to a complex development cycle, and requiring collaboration from scientists and key business stakeholders around the world, it’s critical for AstraZeneca to maintain tight control over all documentation.

"Acrobat will also make it far easier to manage external communications by allowing us to maintain precise, secure records of all correspondence with regulatory bodies, partners, customers and patients."

Cliff Saran writes for Computer Weekly

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