High-level sponsors secure web projects

Book Profile: The Make or Break Issues in IT Management, by Dan Remenyi and Ann Brown

Book Profile: The Make or Break Issues in IT Management, by Dan Remenyi and Ann Brown

The main force driving IT development is a credible project champion - a chief executive or chief information officer - who can oversee the internet development group. Success is assisted by high-level sponsors who facilitate the budget and resources to get the project off the ground.

This type of approach was used by stockbroker firm Charles Schwab. A new standalone internet development group was created to tackle the company's traditional trading system. The company was recreated based upon internet technologies and by 2001 it was the largest online brokerage company in the world.

An organisation that is not pressured in its market space to be at the leading edge of internet presence would be advised to apply a "cheap sourcing" principle to its internet development.

This is often the case with firms concerned with brand promotion. The firm may wish to outsource the website's development, graphic design work and marketing to specialists.

Many companies find they need to develop an internet presence rapidly, but do not see any immediate economic advantage in extending internal IT capability. The most advantageous policy might be to outsource the development of e-business systems and the website.

Outsourcing IT and E-business by Leslie Willcocks is a chapter within The Make or Break Issues in IT Management

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