Symantec dives into IPS appliances

Symantec, which is better known for its security software, is to follow the trend towards all-in-one appliances by announcing a...

Symantec, which is better known for its security software, is to follow the trend towards all-in-one appliances by announcing a range of intrusion prevention (IPS) hardware for internal network monitoring.

The Series 7100, which will be on sale from next month, will consist of three boxes, the 7120, 7160 and 7161, that vary from 50mbps to 2gbps in throughput across up to eight network segments.

In fact the entry-level 7120, which comes with a single PSU, can manage 200mbps throughput but will be configured to run at 50mbps unless upgraded by licence.

The other two models come with dual power supplies, and the 7161 can handle 1000 Base-X fibre in addition to Gigabit Ethernet.

All are based on the IPS engine Symantec has dubbed "Imune", a statistical monitoring technique which is claimed to be an effective way to stop worms propagating and halt blended attacks such as MS Blaster and SQL Slammer.

Big claims are also being made for the "one click" method of switching between monitoring potential attacks to intervening to stop them going any further.

There have been signs that IPS is set to become a cheaper technology in future, but it is still a fair capital outlay for the claimed leading-edge security it offers.

The more cynical see the rush by suppliers into IPS as another way to beef up the firewall concept to maintain high margins that were once enjoyed on such products.

Given that everyone now has perimeter firewalls, suppliers are also keen to move the focus to securing networks from within and not simply at the perimeter, and this is the sort of product that sets out to do just that.

Prices will be $7,995 (£4,400) for the 7120, $23,995  for the 7160 and $26,995 for the 7161. This includes up to one year’s telephone support, advanced replacement and updates.

John E Dunn writes for Techworld

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