Microsoft settles another class-action suit

Microsoft has settled another class-action lawsuit, this time with customers in Massachusetts.

Microsoft has settled a class-action lawsuit with customers in Massachusetts for as much as $34m (£18.8m).

The lawsuit accused Microsoft of using its desktop monopoly to overcharge customers. As in other class-action settlements settled recently by Microsoft, Massachusetts customers will be able to claim vouchers to use for buying software or hardware. Half of any unclaimed money will go to needy schools to purchase new software or hardware.

The Massachusetts and other class-action lawsuits stemmed from a federal court finding that Microsoft had abused its monopoly status in the desktop operating systems market to the detriment of consumers.

A settlement in the federal case was approved late 2002.

The state of Massachusetts has a separate antitrust claim pending against Microsoft. Massachusetts is the lone state still appealing the federal court antitrust settlement, and the class-action settlement does not affect that case.

Grant Gross writes for IDG News Service

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