Latest Infineon chip reduces standby power use

A new chip from Infineon Technologies promises to reduce the power consumption of consumer products and portable computing...

Infineon Technologies promises to significantly reduce the power consumption of numerous consumer products and portable computing devices operating in standby mode with a new chip.

Standby power consumption of devices equipped with the new Coolset F3 chip is one-third lower than that of competitors' products, said the German chip maker this week.

The chip also enables the production of smaller, lighter power supply units.

The Coolset F3 chip can improve the power efficiency in numerous products, including DVD players, LCD (liquid crystal display) television sets and digital video cameras, as well as the power supply units of notebooks and other portable devices, Infineon said.

The chip, for example, achieves standby power consumption of 100 milliwatts in a DVD player designed to use 30 watts of power, according to Infineon.

European Union guidelines allow standby power consumption up to a 500 milliwatts for devices consuming between 15 and 50 watts.

Initially, Infineon will offer the chip for devices requiring up to 100 watts of power.

John Blau writes for IDG News Service

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