High hopes for Windows alternative

Open computing is coming of age, and every desktop user should know that there's a full-featured Windows alternative out there

A Linux desktop has been released which, the developer claims, could establish itself as the world's alternative to Windows.

"Every desktop user should know that there's a full-featured Windows alternative out there," said Dr Frederick H Berenstein, chairman and CTO of Xandros.

"We want the Open Circulation version of the Xandros desktop to replicate like a virus," he said.

A new edition of the Xandros Desktop is downloadable at no charge from the Xandros website. 

Individuals can install the software for their personal use and pass it on to their friends through download mirror sites or by copying the installation CD. 

"Many desktop users who toy with the idea of ditching Microsoft are not aware that switching to Linux means getting the best of both worlds," added Ming Poon, Xandros VP for software development.

"They have a more stable OS, free of all the Windows viruses out there, and can still access all their Windows files and office documents.

"They also find out that the Xandros file manager has an integrated CD writer that is even simpler to use and yet more powerful than the one that comes with XP." 

According to Xandros, the Open Circulation Edition "provides a secure, stable Windows replacement with all the features the great majority of users need, including an office suite, Web browsing, email, and multimedia facilities". 

Written by LinuxWorld staff

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