Plumtree partners with Yahoo for enterprise IM

Plumtree Software is bringing corporate instant messaging to its enterprise web suite through a new partnership with Yahoo.

Plumtree Software is bringing corporate instant messaging to its enterprise web suite through a partnership with Yahoo.

The partnership enables Plumtree customers to add presence awareness and application alerts in addition to IM capabilities into their Plumtree Enterprise Web deployments.

Enterprise Web is Plumtree's flagship offering, which consists of integration products for bringing resources from traditional systems together on the web.

The platform also enables shared services such as collaboration, content management and search functions for building web applications, as well as a portal platform for delivering these web applications to broad audiences.

Product manager of collaboration Noam Lovinsky said the company interviewed 70 customers to gauge areas of interest for its next version release of its Collaboration Suite product - an element of Enterprise Web - due out at the end of the second quarter.

He added that while some customers reported that they had no use for IM capabilities, others said IM was rampant throughout their corporations and controlling and securing IM was a major priority.

"Instant messaging is really out there in the industry and people are using it whether businesses like it or not, unfortunately," Lovinsky said.

"There was no reason for Plumtree to build another proprietary technology. Rather, we decided we would build an architecture that allows people to plug in whatever IM system they want."

While Plumtree knew it would not be able to integrate with 10 or even three IM providers, Lovinsky said the company planned to integrate with one to start, and Yahoo Messenger fitted the profile.

Yahoo Messenger for the Enterprise Web Suite includes 128-bit encryption, spam control, virus scanning of incoming files and enables peer-to-peer messaging. The hosted service allows organisations to have the encryption and control of a locally deployed IM solution without the hardware, deployment and administration costs typically expected.

The integrated Yahoo Messenger in Plumtree's Enterprise Web suite also offers unified user management, integrated activity rights management, embedded online presence and user availability features, as well as event-driven alerts on documents, tasks and discussions within projects.

Yahoo Messenger for Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite will be sold as a services engagement, which includes one to two days of installation assistance from Plumtree Consulting Services for a one-time installation fee of $5,000.

The Yahoo Messenger service is priced at a yearly subscription, which ranges from $10 to $30 depending on the number of seats purchased.

Carly Suppa writes for ITWorld

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