Novell reshuffles EMEA executives

Novell has appointed Gerard Van Kemmel chairman of Novell EMEA, and Richard Seibt president of Novell EMEA as part of a wider...

Novell has appointed Gerard Van Kemmel chairman of Novell EMEA, and Richard Seibt president of Novell EMEA as part of a wider reorganisation aimed at sharpening the company's Linux-based server and desktop strategies.

As chairman, Van Kemmel will help set and guide Novell's European strategy with a focus on developing the company's relationships with government institutions, the larger system integrators and strategic clients.

Richard Seibt, who is the former chief executive officer of SuSE Linux and president of Novell's SuSE Linux business unit, will assume responsibility for all Novell EMEA's day-to-day operations.

"We believe Richard Seibt's knowledge of the SuSE operations should enable integration to take place quickly and smoothly. This nomination shows our commitment to Novell's open source and Linux strategy," said Novell chairman Jack Messman.

The company appointed Markus Rex general manager, who was formerly SuSE's vice-president in charge of research and development.

Rex will take over the development of all SuSE Linux strategies from the server to the desktop. He will also work in concert with Novell's other business units to pull together a range of Linux-based solutions.

Fifteen employees from Novell's Ximian group, all of whom focus largely on Linux for the desktop, will be moved under the SuSE unit with the rest of the group remaining with Novell's Resource Management Services Group.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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