IronMail 4.0 uses 'genetic' anti-spam algorithm

CipherTrust's lastest version of the IronMail secure e-mail gateway contains a "genetic" algorithm for spotting unsolicited...

CipherTrust's lastest version of the IronMail secure e-mail gateway contains a "genetic" algorithm for spotting unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam, which will adapt to changes in spam e-mail content.

IronMail 4.0 should reduce the need for customers to modify the product's settings to increase accuracy or decrease the number of false positives, and is one of a handful of new anti-spam tools added to the IronMail product, CipherTrust said.

The genetic algorithm analyses incoming spam e-mail for 900 different message characteristics, detecting subtle changes in message content and format.

Based on trends that turn up in the spam message flow, the algorithm then automatically changes the way the IronMail correlation engine, named the Enterprise Spam Profiler, weighs those characteristics so as to best stop spam and permit valid e-mail correspondence.

In addition to the algorithm, IronMail 4.0 adds latest security features such as URL filtering and domain blacklists to its list of tools. The product now has 12 different anti-spam technologies.

URL filtering and domain blacklist features, which scan e-mail messages for forbidden URLs or web domains, can be used to stop inbound spam and also to create security policies that are applied to outgoing e-mail, according to Paul Judge, chief technology officer at CipherTrust.

The IronMail 4.0 also allows organisations to assign anti-spam rules by network user, group or network domain.

Paul Roberts writes for IDG News Service

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