NetScaler unveils latest network management tools

NetScaler has announced the 9900 Secure Application Gateway and the 9950 Secure Application Switch, two devices to optimise...

NetScaler has announced the 9900 Secure Application Gateway and the 9950 Secure Application Switch, two devices to optimise application performance and security in an emerging market for Layer 4-7 traffic management.

Urs Hoelzle, vice-president of operations at Google, which provides users with 200 million searches a day, has ordered many of the 9900 Gateway devices for use in a number of Google data centres in the US and Europe to handle load balancing.

"We are not interested in the Layer 7 functions, but we do want stability and performance," he said. "To us, this is just faster than the older [9800] model from NetScaler."

NetScaler said the two systems will process content and applications 800% faster than competing systems on the market today.

Mark Fabbi, an analyst at Gartner, said he could not confirm NetScaler's performance claims, but placed NetScaler among 12 other suppliers in the relatively new web-enabled application delivery market, which sells about $500m in software and hardware each year.

"We're definitely seeing growth in this market, and a lot of enterprises are asking questions about it," he said.

NetScaler competes with companies such as F5 Networks, Radware, Redline Networks, Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks.

Both NetScaler hardware devices are designed for high-performance application delivery systems at e-commerce sites. The devices enable up to 8,700 transactions per second for Secure Sockets Layer encryption, with 760Mbps encrypted throughput. Available now, the 9900 Gateway sells for $55,000 and the 9950 Switch sells for $90,000.

In other network management news, AlterPoint announced DeviceAuthority Suite, a bundling of three network configuration management products: DeviceAuthority Audit Module, DeviceAuthority Update Module and DeviceAuthority Server.

The bundle will allow network managers to make changes to networks reliably. Real-time integration and feedback are provided with a new tool called Integrated Network Environment.

Pricing for the suite starts at $19,950 for 100 devices.

Meanwhile, Sniffer Technologies, a division of Network Associates also announced InfiniStream Network Management and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Analyser.

The InifiniStream Network Management product comes in two hardware platforms for analysing network problems. They include the i1610, a 4U rack-mounted appliance with two port Gigabit connections and 3.2Tbytes of storage capacity, and the i410, a 2U rack-mounted appliance with 800Gbytes of storage and four ports of 10/100 Ethernet capability.

Both devices are available now. The i1610 is priced at $75,000 and the i410 at $35,000.

Sniffer is also offering the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer, a network monitoring and analysis appliance that is 4U in size, $150,000.

Expand Networks also announced the Accelerator System 9000 for bandwidth acceleration. The appliance provides Gigabit Ethernet ports and redundant power capability and will support up to 1,500 sites with speeds up to 200Mbps. Pricing starts at $64,995.

Matt Hamblen writes for Computerworld

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