IBM simplifies data administration

IBM is offering a free download a preview of its "Policy-based Data Management Tool" on the company's alphaWorks site at...

IBM is offering a free download a preview of its "Policy-based Data Management Tool" on the company's alphaWorks site at .

"It allows business managers who define policies to manage the database," said Mukesh Mohania, a research staff member at IBM India Research Lab.

Non-technical IT administrators and managers can automate routine tasks of data administration through the autonomic, policy-based data management toolkit. Administrative costs can be reduced by enabling persons who are not versed in the intricacies of database management to define and manage business policies related to record retention.

Business managers can define database policies and business objects via a GUI. Examples of business objects could be a core customer or credit card files.

Actions such as archiving, data deletion, or group notifications can be performed. A policy could be set such as notifying a divisional manager if a gold-level customer leaves the business. Conflicts in policies are also detected by the tool.

Database administrators still can handle tasks such as creating tables or upper-level administrative functions, Mohania said.

The tool is being built to work with IBM's DB2 database but also could function with databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server through what the company termed a simple modification. IBM research projects normally become a product within a three- to five-year timeframe, the company said.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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