Mozilla updates internet suite

The Mozilla Foundation has updated its Mozilla open-source internet suite and added services to its website. It will include an...

The Mozilla Foundation has updated its Mozilla open-source internet suite and added services to its website. It will include an option to obtain telephone support.

The web browser, the central component of the software suite, features a spelling checker in the e-mail client, and additions to Mozilla Composer, a web page editor, allowing images and tables to be resized and repositioned more easily.

Chatzilla, an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) module for Mozilla, has also been revised substantially.

Behind the scenes, Version 1.5 of Mozilla fixes a number of bugs - but also introduces new problems, including one that prevents some Linux operating system users from viewing web content using RealNetworks' Realplayer plug-in and the new browser.

The problem arises because different versions of the GCC compiler are used to compile the browser and the plug-in, according to the foundation.

The software is available for machines running Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. It can be downloaded from the foundation's website at, or bought on CD which costs $3.95.

The group is also offering end-user telephone support for $39.95 per incident. DecisionOne, which provides technical support to several enterprises and software suppliers, provides the support service.

Peter Sayer writes for IDG News Service


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