Sybase issues database upgrade

Sybase will ship its Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1, the latest version of the database, which features self-management and...

Sybase will ship its Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1, the latest version of the database, which features self-management and web services enhancements.

Self-management functions include enabling the operator to create repeat jobs executed by the system atomatically, create automatic backups, and have automatic space management.

"The key features are technologies that allow the system to handle more data transactions with fewer operator interventions and to develop applications more rapidly," said Tom Traubitz, senior marketing manager for Adaptive Server Enterprise at Sybase.

The database improvements enable stored database procedures to be accessed as if they were a web service.

"That allows application developers to build data-oriented web services applications quickly," said Traubitz. Developers will not have to write a lot of custom code in the C language, he added.

Intrinsic support for XML data includes support for the XQuery language.

Automated memory allocation in Version 12.5.1 enables automation of internal parameters, allowing variable workloads to be run without operator intervention.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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