Sun moves N1 into next phase

Sun Microsystems is boosting its efforts to reach customers, more than a year and a half after introducing its N1 strategy.

Sun Microsystems is boosting its efforts to reach customers, more than a year and a half after introducing its N1 strategy.

During a keynote address entitled, "The N1 platform - the OS for the next-generation datacentre", David Nelson-Gal, vice-president of N1, said the company has 60 customers to date.

He said Sun expected the number to grow as it moves to the third phase of its strategy to decouple network, computer and storage elements and manage them from a single console.

"The ultimate goal [of N1] is to get to service-level automation based on policy," said Nelson-Gal at the SunNetwork conference in San Francisco.

After Sun's acquisition of CenterRun, Nelson-Gal said the software from CentreRun, combined with Sun's existing N1 Provisioning Server permits system administrators to provision servers, databases and applications to offer their services.

Kevin Herrin, director of infrastructure architecture for Cingular Wireless, demonstrated how his company was using N1.

Herrin said that Cingular prebuilt its infrastructure, and then deploys applications and services into it. He said the company was looking to reduce the time to deployment from 12 weeks down to one week, adding that the time frame is now significantly shorter than the 20 weeks it took Cingular before using N1.

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