Intel releases two more Itanium processors

Intel will today (8 September) unveil two new Itanium 2 processors designed for both dual-processor and high-density blade or...

Intel will today (8 September) unveil two Itanium 2 processors designed for both dual-processor and high-density blade or rack-mount servers.

The most widely anticipated of the two chips will be Intel's low-power 1GHz Itanium 2 processor, codenamed Deerfield. It will perform at about the same rate as Intel's older McKinley processors, but at peak performance it will consume about half as much power - 62 watts  - as its predecessor.

Intel's director of multiprocessor platform marketing, Jason Waxman, said, "What that allows you to do is apply these processors for dense, rack-mounted configurations."

Also set for release today is the latest member of Itanium's Madison family, designed for dual-processor use in high-performance and technical computing. The 1.4 GHz processor will have a smaller cache and lower price tag than the three existing members of the Madison family, all of which were released as a follow up to the McKinley chips last June.

Suppliers announcing products using the new chips include Dell's PowerEdge 3250 servers and IBM's dual processor xSeries

Deerfield will replace the 900MHz processor powering Hewlett-Packard's zx2000 workstation.

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