Oracle serves up Enterprise Manager to Go

Oracle will use its OpenWorld conference in San Francisco this week to introduce Enterprise Manager to Go, a remote management...

Oracle will use its OpenWorld conference in San Francisco this week to introduce Enterprise Manager to Go, a remote management tool.

EM to Go is an extension of Enterprise Manager, Oracle's suite of database management tools. It runs on a PDA with wireless capabilities such as Hewlett-Packard's iPaq, and provides a database administrator (DBA) with alerts when a problem arises with their database.

"If you're at lunch or at home or out having pizza or something and there's a problem, this will page you and let you know about it. Sometimes you'll be able to fix it remotely, or at least it'll tell you about it so you can go to your workstation and fix it," said a source familiar with the product.

A version of EM to Go for release 9.2 of Oracle's database was shown at OpenWorld last November, and the product was originally planned for release at about that time, according to information on Oracle's website. Oracle decided to postpone the release of EM to Go and rebuild it for Oracle 10g, a major new release of its database that will be shown at this week's OpenWorld.

Oracle declined to comment on specific plans for the product but confirmed that it would be showcased at OpenWorld. The product has been in beta for the past year.
Oracle 10g is designed to let customers take their first steps with the grid computing model, in which businesses harvest computing resources from distributed groups of servers to run applications. Oracle will also show 10g versions of Enterprise Manager and its application server next week.

The version of EM to Go is also grid-enabled, meaning a DBA will be able to use it to monitor a grid environment without needing to reconfigure the product or add additional software. Pricing information is not available. The version for Oracle9i was to be offered as a free utility with Oracle9iAS Wireless, the wireless version of Oracle's application server software.

EM to Go will compete with various offerings including Expand Beyond's Pocket DBA, which can be used to manage Microsoft and IBM databases as well as Oracle's.

Oracle has said the various elements of its 10g software stack will interoperate with products from other suppliers, but it has tried to make it clear that customers will be able to build more secure, reliable grids if they stick to Oracle-only software. Management of the stack is key to an effective grid, and Enterprise Manager is poised to play a bigger role in Oracle's product line-up.

James Niccolai writes for IDG News Service

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