unveils cheap business PCs has introduced an inexpensive computer for business customers which is designed to run limited applications on its... has introduced an inexpensive computer for business customers which is designed to run limited applications on its Lindows OS operating system.

The BusinessStation can be used by corporations as a web kiosk for corporate employees or visitors, or by retailers as an online order form station. Prices start at $169 (£109), and runs the company's LindowsCD operating system.

LindowsCD is a version of the Linux-based Lindows OS that boots from a CD inside each BusinessStation. The operating system also comes with OpenOffice, a office productivity suite developed by Sun Microsystems, which produces documents compatible with Microsoft's Office suite of products.

For $10 a year per machine, will provide customers with services such as profile management tools to customise start-up pages at a particular BusinessStation kiosk. Administrators can remotely configure and monitor the BusinessStation over a corporate network.

Users cannot alter the data on the BusinessStation because everything is stored either on the CD or on a remote server, which makes the machines ideal for public use or in low-cost deployments such as call centres. The PCs do not have hard drives, but do come with floppy drives.

The BusinessStations are available in a variety of configurations from several distributors, including TigerDirect, Medialand Systems' website, and

Processors from Advanced Micro Devices and Via Technologies are used in the PCs, and most come with 256Mbytes of SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM).

Tom Krazit writes for IDG News Service

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