CA expands on-demand strategy

Computer Associates International has boosted its integrated management strategy for on-demand computing with product releases...

Computer Associates International has boosted its integrated management strategy for on-demand computing with product releases aimed at helping move customers towards the optimised use of interchangeable and shared resources.

Chairman and chief executive officer Sanjay Kumar said one of the biggest problems customers face is dealing with the spiking and tailing of resource usage.

"Customers configure themselves to run at a much higher capacity" for peak processing, security and storage requirements, even though the business might only have one busy period during the year where those resources are really needed, Kumar said.

Customers today want to be able to pay for what they really use, he said.

Kumar added that CA’s approach is to enable customers to use their existing systems by using management solutions as a way to move toward an on-demand environment "reliably, efficiently and safely through automation", instead of trying to achieve all of this manually.

To address these issues, CA has unveiled a technology to discover and manage business processes, codenamed Sonar, and four solutions across its Unicenter, eTrust and BrightStor brands.

CA claimed Sonar can help users understand the on-demand infrastructure and its impact on the business through an agentless intelligence technology that can correlate business processes to the supporting IT assets.

The technology provides root-cause analysis, assesses the business impact of an infrastructure failure, analyses traffic on the network for inappropriate usage, pinpoints security issues and causes, and builds and updates maps of resources, said Yogesh Gupta, CA’s senior vice-president and chief technology officer.

"If you do not know what kind of assets you have in your infrastructure, it’s hard to solve problems," said CA director of marketing Michael Jaeger said. "Sonar helps you start where the pain is the biggest."

The four on-demand computing management solutions include:

  • BrightStor Process Automation Manager, which automates the allocation and provisioning of storage resources across multiple platforms in response to business demands;
  • eTrust Vulnerability Manager, an asset-based vulnerability management appliance that provides monitoring capabilities and security intelligence to automatically pinpoint vulnerabilities;
  • Unicenter NSM Option for VMware Software, which monitors virtual machine environments on Intel-based Linux and Windows platforms and determines when additional resources are needed;
  • Unicenter NSM Dynamic Reconfiguration Option for managing and dynamically provisioning VMware virtual machines.

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