offers Microtel PC with Linux

Wal-Mart Stores' online shop is offering a PC with a bundle of preloaded open-source software products from SuSE Linux.

Wal-Mart Stores' online shop is offering a PC with a bundle of preloaded open-source software products from SuSE Linux.

SuSE teamed with Microtel Computer Systems to offer a range of PCs preloaded with SuSE's 8.2 operating system software and numerous other office and entertainment applications.

Prices for the computers start at $298. The products are immediately available at

"In addition to the Linux operating system, our 8.2 professional package includes numerous other open source-based office, games, image processing and Internet applications," said SuSE company spokesman Christian Egle.

The package offers the application suite, which is compatible with Microsoft Office and a range of browsers, including Netscape Navigator, Mozilla and Konqueror.

"The deal with Wal-Mart is very important to us because it opens the door to the huge US consumer market," said Egle.

"We are very interested in co-operating with Wal-Mart wherever the company is located, but the plan for now is to see how sales develop in the US before we make any decisions about expanding in Europe."

In April, SuSE teamed with Vobis Microcomputer to launch a range of PCs with preloaded open-source software in the German speaking regions of Europe.

This latest offer from Wal-Mart comes on top of another announced earlier this year between Microtel and

John Blau writes for IDG News Service

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