EDS opens offshore facility in India

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) has opened a facility in Mumbai, India, that will provide help desk and business process...

EDS has opened a facility in Mumbai, India, that will provide helpdesk and business process outsourcing services to clients worldwide.

The Mumbai centre began operating in May and has 150 staff, but that will grow to 700 before the end of the year, EDS said.

When fully staffed, the centre will provide helpdesk technical support services via phone, e-mail and online chat, said Doug DeLay, an EDS spokesman.

The centre will also provide business process outsourcing services, including data entry, phone-based marketing, management of financial and administrative processes, DeLay said.

Management of financial processes involves services related to things such as payroll, credit cards, loans and mortgages, he said. Management of administrative processes involves things such as medical and insurance claims.

The Mumbai centre is part of EDS' Best Shore programme for providing services to clients from various locations worldwide.

The Mumbai centre is one of 16 facilities staffed by about 6,200 employees that EDS has devoted to the Best Shore programme, DeLay said.

EDS launched Best Shore in November. The company expects to have about 20,000 employees devoted to Best Shore by the end of 2004.

Best Shore focuses on two broad types of services: help desk/business process outsourcing (BPO) and application development and delivery.

EDS, the second largest provider of IT services in the world, also has Best Shore facilities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, South Africa, the US and New Zealand.

Although EDS now has about 1,100 employees in India, it expects to end 2004 with 3,500 staff. India has emerged as the leading country in the provision of offshore outsourcing services. EDS' initial capital investment in the Mumbai centre totals around $12m (£7.1m).

Juan Carlos Perez writes for IDG News Service


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