HP offers WebLogic on OpenVMS and NonStop servers

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has extended an alliance with BEA Systems, offering BEA's WebLogic Server software on additional HP hardware...

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has extended an alliance with BEA Systems, offering BEA's WebLogic Server software on additional HP hardware and software platforms.

WebLogic Server is now available on HP's AlphaServer line running the OpenVMS operating system, and on its Proliant servers, which are based on Intel processors, running Linux.

HP expected to offer WebLogic Server on its fault-tolerant NonStop servers in June.

Since killing off its own family of middleware products last year, HP has been promoting WebLogic Server as the Java application server of choice. In September it began bundling WebLogic with HP-UX along with a trial licence good for six months.

HP has said it plans to phase out its Alpha processor, along with its PA-Risc chip, with the hope that customers will switch to servers based on Intel's Itanium processor, which it helped develop. The lastest Alpha chip is due early next year, although HP has said it will continue to sell AlphaServers for some time after that.

Offering WebLogic Server on OpenVMS will allow customers to continue running applications on existing systems while making use of the J2EE functionality in BEA's middleware, HP said. In the future those customers be able to move their applications to Itanium "seamlessly".

HP's NonStop server line was also gained through its purchase of Compaq. The systems were known by the name Himalaya until HP renamed them after the merger.

The companies announced a joint support agreement for customers running BEA's software on the NonStop systems. The agreement creates "a formal support relationship between HP and BEA that outlines call management processes to be used to resolve interoperability concerns on behalf of joint customers", HP said.

Customers can call either BEA or HP with a problem and they will work together to identify the cause and then assign it to the appropriate support group. Support for HP servers running HP-UX, OpenVMS, Windows, Tru-64 Unix and Linux are planned to be available within 90 days.

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