Acer to launch Centrino Tablet PC

Acer America is to launch a Tablet PC based on Intel's Centrino technology.

Acer America is to launch a Tablet PC based on Intel's Centrino technology.

The TravelMate C110 is a convertible device that resembles the company's first Tablet PC product, the C100. It can be used as a notebook, or the user can rotate the screen to cover the keyboard to switch to Tablet PC mode.

The C110 uses the ultra-low voltage 900MHz Pentium M processor along with Intel's 855 chipset and the Intel Pro Wireless 802.11b chip.

The C110 comes with a 10.4in display, two USB (universal serial bus) 2.0 ports, and weighs 3.2lbs. Prices for the device will start at $1,899 (£1,188).

Motion Computing is to launch a slate Tablet PC that features the Intel technology next week. Slate Tablet PCs do not come with a built-in keyboard, but can be docked if the user wants to set up a workstation with a keyboard.

Motion will sell its Tablet PCs through Dell Computer and Gateway, as well as through its website. The M1300 will use the same 900MHz Pentium M processor as Acer's C110.

The Centrino package's combination of low-power consumption and high performance with longer battery life is necessary for users to see Tablet PCs as practical devices, analysts have said.

Panasonic has already released a device with the 900MHz Pentium M and Intel's wireless technology, and other suppliers are expected to follow suit.

Most Tablet PC suppliers opted for Intel's Ultra Low Voltage Pentium III-M processor when the products were launched in November, as that chip consumed the least amount of power of any Intel processor available at that time.

Acer's TravelMate C100 was tied with Hewlett-Packard's Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 for the market share lead in terms of shipments during the fourth quarter. The devices made their debut with the launch of Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition in November.

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