Veritas jumps on utility bandwagon

Veritas is to extend its products beyond storage and into the server management market.

Veritas is to extend its products beyond storage and into the server management market by combining some existing software products with technologies acquired in its acquisitions of Jareva Technologies and Precise Software.

The company will release three point products that address server provisioning, performance management and operations management this year and combine the functionalities of the three to release an integrated software platform that assists in the auto-deployment and management of both storage and servers by this time next year.

"Our strategy is unique because it is based on open software," said Robin Purhit, vice president of product marketing. "IBM has taken a more services-centric approach, while Sun has taken a hardware approach in its utility computing visions."

Purohit contended that with a software approach, Veritas could remain platform- and operating system-neutral.

Besides backup and recovery software, Veritas also sells storage management products that address storage resource management across a mixed-supplier environment. Purohit said this technology would serve as the backbone for the company's plans to deploy and manage storage and servers.

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