Yahoo's Koogle steps down from board

Yahoo's former chief executive officer, Tim Koogle, will be leaving the board next month to focus on other business...

Yahoo's former chief executive officer, Tim Koogle, will be leaving the board next month to focus on other business opportunities.

Koogle's departure underscores Yahoo's continued transformation as it moves away from its days as a web portal to a broader internet business with a range of products and services.

Advertising veteran Roy Bostock will take Koogle's place on the board, leaving Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang as the last of the company's original leadership.

Terry Semel, who replaced Koogle after he stepped down as CEO two years ago, is a former Hollywood executive who directed the company toward a wider business platform.

In the past two years Yahoo has added a variety of premium services, teaming with broadband providers and rolling out enterprise products.

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