Users inundated with war-related spam

War-related spam accounted for nearly as tenth of all spam reviewed by e-mail filter company SurfControl by the end of March,...

War-related spam accounted for nearly as tenth of all spam reviewed by e-mail filter company SurfControl by the end of March, compared with the handful of war spam it collected at the beginning of the month.

Of the war-related spam, the most frequent in March were e-mails peddling "American Car Flags to Support Our Troops","Take 4 History Books for $1 Each",  and "Defenders of Freedom US Coins", SurfControl said.

Other spam advertised T-shirts, lapel pins, water filtration systems and Israeli gas masks.

The different types of war-related spam are coming from different sources, the e-mail filtering company added, noting that there were 216 variations on the gas mask spam counted in March.

The company continued to see the same level of war-related spam in the beginning of April, but the focus has changed from items such as gas masks to T-shirts.

SurfControl reviews 40,000 to 50,000 spam messages a month. Previously, Nigerian business "offers" and mortgage rates were the among the top subjects of spam.

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