IBM delivers retail toolkit

IBM has announced a toolkit for WebSphere Studio developers that help them to more rapidly create applications for distributed...

IBM has claimed its toolkit for WebSphere Studio developers will help them to create applications more rapidly  for distributed retail environments. 

The IBM Branch Transformation Toolkit for WebSphere Studio has a built-in framework that makes it easier for third-party and corporate developers to deploy and adjust business logic dynamically across a range of different applications. 

If developers can create business logic once and be able to reuse it to develop a range of different channel applications efficiently. They can then tap into and manipulate stores of mission-critical data more easily and economically and distribute data to multiple sites. 

The toolkit is made of a set of Java development tools and components that allow the construction of high-volume transactional applications capable of accessing core systems and platforms.

The toolkit will be part of the WebSphere Studio development and deployment environment that makes use of open standards-based software to build, test and deploy on-demand e-business applications. 

It will include development workbench enhancements that speed up the application development lifecycle and pave the way for easier integration with external tools.

The toolkit also contains applications that address functionality including the implementation of web services, along with sample code that best illustrates the provision of the toolkit for applications such as IBM's WebSphere Portal Server. 

Company officials believe the toolkit is particularly well-suited for the retail banking industry. For example, the toolkit can help banks build web-based branch teller applications that integrate with their exisiting host-based system. 

IBM officials have not ruled out other industries in which IT administrators build integrated and transaction-oriented applications. 

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