Intel adds Gigabit Ethernet devices for PCs and servers

Expanding its line of networking products, Intel has announced a series of Ethernet devices, including a Gigabit Ethernet...

Intel has expanded its line of networking products with a series of Ethernet devices, including a Gigabit Ethernet controller for PCs and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface card for servers.

The network interface card costs $7,995 (£5,098) and is designed to connect Lan-based servers to corporate networks so they can run bandwidth applications such as imaging and data mirroring, said Tim Dunn, general manager of Intel's platform networking group.

The device, called the PRO/1000 CT Desktop Connection, takes Ethernet connections off the 32-bit Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus inside PCs, Dunn said.

In laboratory tests, the controller increased throughput to 1,672Mbit/sec, up from 928Mbit/sec. with the PCI bus, Dunn noted. "It's a huge step forward for us," he said.

Samples of the Gigabit Ethernet controller are being shipped to PC makers for inclusion in systems that should be released before June, Intel said.

The device works with the company's soon-to-be released Springdale and Canterwood chip sets, which will add support for hyperthreading technology, improved graphics and other peripheral features to PCs.

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface card, known as the PRO/10GbE LR Server Adapter, is the first such device designed for servers, Dunn said. The technology previously was used to connect switches, primarily in supercomputing applications.

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