Industry welcomes US Congress' focus on cybersecurity

The technology industry has voiced its approval of the US Congress creation of a special subcommittee to deal with...

The technology industry has voiced its approval of the US Congress creation of  a special subcommittee to deal with cybersecurity.

The subcommittee will operate under the auspices of Congress's Homeland Security Committee and will focus on federal government cybersecurity policies, protecting the government and private technology system from domestic and foreign attacks, and preventing injuries to civilians and damage to infrastructure caused by cyberattacks.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and cybersecurity company Entrust issued praised Congress for establishing the cybersecurity subcommittee.  "The establishment of this pivotal subcommittee underscores the importance of cyber security to our critical infrastructures, our economy and our citizens," said Bill Conner, CEO and president of Entrust. "Without strong cybersecurity, there is no physical security."

The BSA noted that a poll of IT professionals last summer indicated a belief that the US had made little progress in closing the gap between the risk of a major cyberattack and the nation's ability to respond. Sixty-eight percent of those responding to that poll said they believe that gap hasn't shrunk since the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.

"It is very encouraging that this newly created panel of lawmakers is dedicated to helping develop the tools we need to close the gap between the threats to our country's critical networks and our power to defend against them," said the BSA.

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