Documentum unveils eRoom product

Enterprise content management supplier Documentum unveiled the first integrated product to result from its acquisition last year...

Enterprise content management supplier Documentum unveiled the first integrated product to result from its acquisition last year of collaboration technology provider eRoom Technology.

eRoom Enterprise is designed to let corporate workers collaboratively create, share, manage, reuse and archive content.

"There is a lot of interest in the integration of collaboration and content management. Content management is an input to collaboration, and collaboration makes content actionable and puts it in context of the work being done," said  Whitney Tidmarsh, vice-president of product marketing.

The key benefit to integrated content management and collaboration is allowing collaborative content from eRoom to be stored in the content management repository, which allows the content to be shared across multiple eRoom workspaces, applications and portals.

Within eRoom Enterprise, eRoom retains its own repository and database for meta content, but there is an option to save that content manually or automatically to the Documentum repository. The content is then physically moved via XML from the eRoom repository to Documentum, with a synchronised copy left in eRoom.

According to analyst Guy Creese, research director at Aberdeen Group, the intersection of document management, web content management and collaboration can help kick-start decision making processes while working with content.

With web content management, once you get beyond a departmental focus, collaboration becomes the logical next step in progressing to making a decision based on the information you have gathered, Creese said.

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