Borland integrating TogetherSoft into apps

Borland Software is to add Borland Together Edition for JBuilder to its Java tools suite, a technology it had gained through the...

Borland Software is to add Borland Together Edition for JBuilder to its Java tools suite, a technology it had gained through the TogetherSoft acquisition.

Together Edition for JBuilder will also become part of Borland Enterprise Studio 5 for Java, an upgraded version of the company's development suite for Java development, and replace Rational Rose in that suite.

"We're replacing Rose in the Studio with a much better-integrated product family," said Todd Olson, chief scientist for the Borland Together business unit.

Users will get capabilities they did not have before, such as the ability to keep designs of the models synchronised with the application.

"Both tools provide similar, basic functionality - UML modeling," said Thomas Murphy, program director at Meta Group. "In the Java market, the TogetherSoft product has been more popular overall and has generally had better support of Java whereas Rational really supports the UML specification."

Developers will be able to migrate existing Rose models to Together tools easily.

Borland Enterprise 5 Studio for Java also includes JBuilder, an environment for building enterprise Java applications; Optimizeit Suite, for improving performance of applications; Enterprise Server App Server Edition, which is an application server; and JDataStore, a Java database that can be embedded in applications.

The suite costs $6,999 (£4,328) and ships in March. Borland Together purchased separately costs $3,999 (£2,473).

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